Online Accounting

Our firm offers you, as an entrepreneur, the option to manage your own accounts completely online. Invoices are issued in a single format or UBL format to ensure your customers can read them automatically in their accounting systems.
This type of invoicing is a must when billing the government. Since the government now only accepts e-invoices, online accounting is indispensable. Your incoming invoices are read by an optical character recognition (OCR) system and ready to process. Using a unique e-mail address linked to your accounts, you can easily forward all your invoices for processing.

A scan-to-email function makes it easy to read all your paper invoices digitally. With the help of an application on your smartphone, you can scan your invoices and send them for processing. You can view the outstanding invoices of your customers and suppliers on your mobile device. The software system allows you to manage every aspect, including the creation of reminders and making payments.
You no longer need to make every single payment in your PC banking module. Your bank transactions are automatically uploaded through the CODA files that your bank supplies directly to the online accounting package.
In short, the use of online accounting is making sure our firm is future-proof.

Online Boekhouding