About Tim Hanssens - Tax & Accountancy Firm

The company was founded back in 2010.

Our firm employs young, well-trained and dynamic talent.

We strive to offer our customers optimal support and provide them with the most comprehensive information on a daily basis.

After all, a successful and efficient business relies on professional advice, tailored to your independent activity as an entrepreneur.

Quality and customer focus are central to our services. You will never be seen as a number. For us, you are a valued customer who deserves a thorough, personalised service.

Trust is the cornerstone of our customer-accountant relationship.

You can expect a package tailored to your needs. Following an exploratory meeting, we offer a non-binding, detailed cooperation proposal.

We can offer our services on a fully digital platform to minimise paperwork.

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Experts in our field

We are true professionals

Chartered accountants

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